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Poster: Christopher K. Date: Sep 15, 2013 4:03pm
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Public Domain sound recording law and Jimmie Lunceford

Several examples of what I am talking about:

These recordings are available as much higher quality products from rights holders like Decca, Columbia, etc., as well as from other companies that legitimately licensed the recordings for distribution and sale. Although many on this site were taken from outmoded 78 RPM records, such recordings are not artifacts from the Neolithic. The rights to distribute their contents freely and anonymously are still owned by someone. They are not in the Public Domain.

Or are they? If someone could please inform me otherwise, that would be acceptable and it is what I would expect should happen.

I appreciate and support the free access to history, information, and cultural heritage that this site provides. I wholeheartedly endorse the mission statement of the organization and the spirit in which it was conceived. On the other hand, I am uncomfortable that other people may operate illegitimately under that banner, detracting from any real purpose of the project meanwhile eroding its credibility. The attitude of "bluedevil" above is a good example of what I'm talking about. Yes, this space is "the internet." But that does not qualify it as an electronic wild west where rules need not apply.

Please, if these recordings are still owned by some entity, be it a record company or private individual, then they and others like it should be found and removed. Administrators on this site should acknowledge in good faith of their goals and out of respect to the original rights holders, they bear the responsibility of eliminating unlawful content, not only after but also before, a complaint is officially filed therefrom.

Moreover, as someone with an abiding interest in discography, I contest the 'historical' value that any of these recordings presently have when the uploaders failed to provide any information regarding the recording date, location, personnel, record label, catalog number, matrix number, etc. Even most YouTube users will make an attempt at doing that. In other words, not only are these recordings possibly being distributed illegally by the Internet Archive, but they are also essentially worthless to an historian for being unreliable.


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Poster: Ach Chew Date: Sep 15, 2013 5:43pm
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Public Domain sound recording law and Jimmie Lunceford

It is unreliable here. To protecticin your abidin I sugestin you goin as soonin as you canin. Don't look back.

PS I dinkI seea kerflopin new movie on Youtube. Schnell dere!